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Service Terms & Conditions

This recycling service offered by Haulin’ Glass LLC is for GLASS BOTTLES AND CONTAINERS ONLY (“Glass Recycling Service”).  This Glass Recycling Service does not include collection of trash, paper, cardboard, magazines, aluminum, steel cans, plastic containers, or plastic bags.  In addition, Glass Recycling Service does not include glass from glassware, broken windows or glass used in construction, however, if the Business requires recycling services for this type of glass, then please contact Haulin’ Glass LLC to make arrangements under a separate Agreement.

The fee for the Glass Recycling Service varies based on service level.


  1. Glass carts that are serviced from the street are to be placed for collection by 7:00am EST on the day of collection.

  2. Following collection of the glass carts, the glass carts must be returned to storage within the Business’ property. Storage of the carts permanently on the street is not permitted.

  3. Carts must not be overfilled. All glass waste must be contained within the glass carts with the lids closed.

  4. Weight restrictions on glass carts apply. The maximum weight per glass cart cannot exceed 320 lbs per glass recycling cart. Overweight carts may not be collected.

  5. Each glass recycling carts will be clearly marked by Haulin’ Glass LLC to identify separate areas of the Business’ premises. The Business shall not mark the glass recycling carts.

  6. Invoices are issued monthly in advance. Glass Recycling Services may be discontinued if the account is not paid within one month of the invoice and the glass cart deposit shall be retained by Haulin’ Glass LLC.

  7. The Business is responsible for the regular cleaning of the glass recycling carts.

  8. Haulin’ Glass LLC must be notified in writing at least two weeks prior to cancellation of the Glass Recycling Services.

  9. Haulin’ Glass LLC offers no refund for services completed or services rendered.

  10. The Business may suspend the Glass Recycling Services for an administrative fee.

  11. The glass recycling carts are the property of Haulin’ Glass LLC and must be kept in good working condition. Please contact Haulin’ Glass LLC if the glass recycling cart is in need of repair or replacement. Haulin’ Glass LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen glass recycling carts, which will incur an additional fee of $100 per glass recycling cart.

  12. The glass recycling cart is for glass bottles and container waste only. Haulin’ Glass LLC may charge the Business an additional fee for the special removal of chemicals, pesticides, solvents, ash, sawdust, building materials, rocks, soil, or particularly large or heavy items.

  13. It is the responsibility of the Business to keep the glass recycling carts free of contaminants.

  14. The Business hereby grants Haulin’ Glass LLC access to the Business’ premises for the collection of the glass recycling carts.

  15. The terms of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.

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